Airdrop: 36 Million MDEX Second Loyalty Package

2nd Loyalty Package

 At MasterDEX, we’re excited to launch our 2nd Loyalty Program, designed to reward our valued users with a total distribution of 36,000,000 MDEX tokens. This initiative aims to incentivize early adopters and increase engagement on our platform through two distinct avenues: the MasterDEX Reward Hub and Galxe.

Allocation of a 36 Million Pool

MasterDEX Reward Hub – 30 Million MDEX pool

Glaxe – 5 Million MDEX pool

KOL – 1 Million MDEX pool

MasterDEX Rewards Hub: Engage, Earn, and Exchange


The MasterDEX Rewards Hub introduces a points-based system intended to engage participants through clear and rewarding interactions. Our objective is to make navigating our platform seamless encouraging users to explore its features and functionalities.

Key Functionality

Users can access the MasterDEX rewards hub to accomplish tasks and earn points, which are convertible to MDEX tokens. To foster continuous engagement, these tasks will be regularly refreshed, allowing users to earn points on a daily basis. 

Additionally, a dedicated section will showcase our unique selling points (USPs) and invite users to challenge and validate them, offering substantial rewards for successful challenges.

The task that the user needs to perform.

1 point – 0.22 MDEX

Note: Conditions are subject to change based on the terms and conditions.


Discover 300Select any token or pair from My AI and add it to your favorites
Monitor 200After connecting the wallet visit the portfolio 
Trade500Swap any token worth more than 100 USD

Dapp Duties

  1. For every trade you make over $100, you will receive 100 points.
  2. Earn 500 points on MasterDEX for each friend or family member you refer. Your referral will need to complete all onboarding tasks for you to receive the points.
  3. Challenge and Validate Our Claims

Proof Our Claims Wrong and Win a Big Reward!

We pride ourselves on offering top-tier features, and we invite you to challenge these claims:

DEX Aggregator: We provide the best price across all other DEX Aggregators.

Portfolio: We give the right insights on the buying cost, ROI, Market value, Investment Value, overall profit and loss, and Total swaps.

DEX Explorer: You can search for any token or pair on Ethereum with a liquidity pool on integrated DEXs via name, symbol, or token address. We show the right data for every token or pair we have on MasterDEX. Our indicators prevent users from getting into scam tokens by providing accurate insights on the pair. You can access the socials of the tokens of the project. You can filter out trades by value. My swaps give you insights into your trades in particular pairs that you opened. Trade history shows updated data on trade history. 

To earn 1000 points, prove us wrong by submitting your details here:


Join the MasterDEX Quest on Galxe! 

We’re excited to launch our 2nd loyalty package with 36 Million MDEX up for grabs! Dive into fun tasks, earn points, and claim your rewards across three thrilling levels. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this chance to engage, earn, and be part of our vibrant community. Let the quest begin!

How To Join The Quest 

  1. Visit Galxe 
  2. Go to MasterDEX Space 
  3. Participate in the list of quests mention there. 
  4. Earn maximum points to get your MDEX Token. 

KOL Management Program

MasterDEX is launching a 1 million MDEX pool for its KOL program. Share your Twitter and Telegram credentials via the Google form to participate. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will contact you.

MasterDEX’s 2nd Loyalty Program offers 36,000,000 MDEX tokens to reward and engage our users. Participants can earn tokens through the MasterDEX Reward Hub and Galxe by completing tasks and quests. The points-based system ensures continuous engagement with our platform’s features.

The program caters to all users, from newcomers to pros, and includes a 1 million MDEX pool for key opinion leaders. Join us, earn rewards, and be part of the MasterDEX community. Let the quest begin!

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