Introducing MDEX


Introducing MDEX, the universal ecosystem utility token at the center of MasterDEX. 
MasterDEX unites AI, blockchain and the crypto community to deliver a new DeFi platform.

MDEX is a voucher at the MasterDEX platform with a tri-model. First,  MDEX is a key incentive mechanism for the community to engage, second, earn rewards for activities and usage of the platform and third exclusive access features. 

Blockchain projects purchase MDEX to bid and pay for placements at MasterDEX: MasterDEX CryptoRank, MasterDEX Explorer and MasterDEX CryptoAI. MDEX is the exclusive and only payment method to purchase MasterDEX Placements.

Token Economics 

300 million MDEX will be minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 5 years. The initial 5 year allocation is as follows: 

51% to community allocation in several tranches and partial vesting 153,000,000 MDEX 

19% to contributors allocation with 5-year vesting 57,000,000 MDEX

15% to ecosystem allocation with 5-year vesting 45,000,000 MDEX 

15% to growth allocation with 5-year vesting 45,000,000 MDEX 

Maximum supply: 300 million MDEX

Total supply: 300 million MDEX

Initial Circulating Supply: 34.20% of total supply (102,600,000 MDEX)

Community Allocation

The community allocation is split in 4 parts: First Loyalty Package of 17% of the total supply (51,000,000 MDEX),  Second Loyalty Package of 12% of the total supply (36,000,000 MDEX), Strategic Community Sale of 18% of the total supply (54,000,000 MDEX) and Public Community Sale of 4% of the total supply (12,000,000 MDEX).

The First Loyalty Package is exclusively to the LCX community. To be eligible for this Airdrop you need to hold LCX token on or before 10/10/2023. LCX is supporting the distribution of MDEX token to all LCX token holders who hold LCX token at the LCX platform. MasterDEX is in contact with Coinbase, Kraken and other trading venues where community members hold LCX token to support the Airdrop distribution of MDEX directly at their platforms as well. We also encourage our community to tag and contact Coinbase and Kraken asking for the Airdrop distribution.

The Second Loyalty Package is exclusive to the MasterDEX early adopters and early active users. To be eligible for this Airdrop you need to connect your wallet at MasterDEX and interact with the MasterDEX at least once before 01/01/2024.

The first and second loyalty package can be claimed on platform without vesting on distribution date. 

The Community Sale is facilitated by the LCX Launchpad and issued by LCX in a compliant manner. LCX is acting as the Token Issuer, is responsible to publish all necessary legal documents according to the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, will file a Token Issuance Notification to the Financial Market Authority to register the MDEX token sale and is legally issuing the MDEX tokens on behalf of MasterDEX. 

The Strategic Community Sale is offered at 1 MDEX for $0.08 USD. Vesting: 10% unlocked on distribution date, then daily vesting over 1 year. 

The Public Community Sale is offered at 1 MDEX for $0.22 USD. Vesting: 10% unlocked on distribution date, then daily vesting over 3 months. 

Distribution and listing of MDEX will be on 12/12/2023. The Community Allocation will initiate the distribution on 12/12/2023 in accordance to the vesting schedules applying to each allocation. MasterDEX is aiming for a synchronized listing of MDEX on several centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges on the same day. 

Contributors, ecosystem and growth allocation are vested over 5 years and include allocation to market makers, early investors, advisors, team as well as marketing and future community allocations.

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