Airdrop: First Loyalty Package


MasterDEX’s first Airdrop is a special Loyalty Package for the LCX Community rewarding LCX holders with MDEX tokens. MDEX is the universal ecosystem utility token at the center of MasterDEX. 

MasterDEX unites AI, Blockchain and the Crypto Community to deliver a new DeFi platform.

The First Loyalty Package is exclusively for the LCX community. To be eligible for this Airdrop you need to hold LCX token on or before 10/10/2023 (October 10, 2023). 300 million MDEX will be minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 5 years. 51% of total tokens are part of the community allocation, which is a total of 153,000,000 MDEX. The First Loyalty Package is 17% of the total supply, which is a total of 51,000,000 MDEX token (51 Million MDEX).

To be eligible, you need to hold an LCX token in your non-custodial wallet or on the LCX platform. LCX is supporting the distribution of MDEX tokens to all LCX token holders who hold LCX tokens on the LCX platform. 

Distribution of MDEX token will be on 12/12/2023 (December 12, 2023). The Community Allocation will initiate the distribution on 12/12/2023 in accordance with the vesting schedules applying to each allocation. MasterDEX is aiming for a synchronized listing of MDEX on several centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges on the same day. MasterDEX is working with several ecosystem partners and market makers for a listing on multiple trading venues directly after distribution.

Distribution will be conducted on-chain and all LCX token holders will receive MDEX tokens as rewards pro rata in accordance with the token economics. 

How to be eligible for the MDEX airdrop?

For the first loyalty package of the MDEX airdrop, you need to hold the LCX token on or before 10/10/2023. Eligibility includes holding LCX tokens in non-custodial wallets and at the LCX platform. 

Other centralized platforms like Coinbase and Kraken do currently not support the Airdrop, but we are in contact to get their support for this airdrop distribution. We will update you here if we have news and updates. 

How to claim MDEX tokens?

The distribution will be initiated on 12/12/2023. 

LCX token holders at the LCX platform

On the distribution date, your MDEX tokens will automatically appear in your LCX main wallet. No other action is required from the user side.

LCX token holders at Non-Custodial Wallets

Users will need to visit the claim page at to receive the MDEX token in their wallet on-chain pro rata in accordance with the token economics. 

ALERT: Do not connect your wallet to any other website other than Double-check the URL and watch out for clones or fake websites.

MDEX Airdrop Calculator

Simple calculator to show how many MDEX you will receive. 51 million MDEX are distributed in the first loyalty package. If you hold 0.1% of LCX tokens, which is 950,000 LCX token, you would receive 51,000 MDEX token.

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