Unlock the Power of DeFi with MasterDEX


Unlock the Power of DeFi with MasterDEX

Introducing MasterDEX

MasterDEX is a DeFi platform to discover, monitor and trade. We started MasterDEX because we wanted a smart platform combining DEX tools for analysis, an AI discovery engine for upcoming coins and advanced trading capabilities. None existed with the capabilities we needed, so we built it.

Developed by the experienced team behind LCX and based on LCX DeFi Terminal, MasterDEX is leveraging the latest AI technology and embedding this in a protocol based decentralized blockchain platform. We believe that decentralized finance has the potential to revolutionize finance and make financial services accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial status. MasterDEX is embodying the key values of Ethereum: transparent, secure, and accessible.

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

DeFi is becoming crowded with thousands of new tokens created every month. DEX tools, aggregators and blockchain scanners get millions of views daily while the discovery features and trading are limited or non existent. MasterDEX uniquely combines a discovery algorithm, monitoring tools and trading functionalities. We are using large language models (LLM) and OpenAI for analysis, discovery and trade execution. What Google did with PageRank and AdWords in web2, MasterDEX is doing in web3.

Launch Phase

MasterDEX will release its litepaper on 9/9/2023. Until then we will form strategic partnerships and share few insights on our tech stack and product offerings. MasterDEX platform is in stealth mode right now. After the litepaper release we will open the platform for a closed beta for selected community members and partners.


Our goal is to make MasterDEX a marketplace for the entire DeFi community. Our first phase is airdropping Loyalty Packages to everyone who’s holding $LCX token. We will take a snapshot of the LCX token holders on 10/10/2023. The snapshot will include holding LCX tokens on-chain in non-custodial wallets as well as holding on LCX Exchange platform.

In November, we will launch another Loyalty Package airdrop for all active traders and projects on MasterDEX. This second airdrop will be much bigger than the first.

In the meantime, to get the first airdrop, all you need to do is to get LCX token.

MasterDEX brand identity is a concept that symbolizes the balance of power among the three main components of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem: AI, web3 and our community.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the technological backbone of DeFi and is responsible for automating financial processes, providing accurate market insights and predictions, and enabling fast and efficient transactions
  • Web3, or the decentralized web, is the underlying infrastructure that powers DeFi and ensures its decentralization, security, and transparency. This includes decentralized platforms, smart contracts, and blockchain technology
  • Community, composed of the LCX community and the active DeFi crypto community, plays a crucial role in shaping the direction and success of MasterDEX. The community provides feedback, offers suggestions, and participates as active users to help guide the development and growth of DeFi


The balance of power among these three components is symbolized by the MasterDEX logo. It represents the interdependence and symbiotic relationship between AI, web3, and the community in the DeFi ecosystem. All three components work together to create a sustainable and successful DeFi ecosystem.

Embrace the future of DeFi with MasterDEX.Onwards and Upwards.

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