Launch of the MDEX Strategic Token Sale


MasterDEX‘s strategic token sale of MDEX token is a special allocation for ecosystem partners and early clients. MasterDEX unites AI, blockchain and the crypto community to deliver a new DeFi platform.

The Power of MDEX

MDEX serves a triple role within the MasterDEX ecosystem. It acts as an incentive mechanism for our community, rewarding users for platform engagement, and providing exclusive access features. Furthermore, blockchain projects can acquire MDEX to bid and pay for placements on MasterDEX, including CryptoRank, Explorer, and CryptoAI.

Token Economics

At genesis, 300 million MDEX tokens will be minted, with accessibility distributed over five years. The allocation includes:

  • Community: 51% (153,000,000 $MDEX)
  • Contributors: 19% (57,000,000 $MDEX)
  • Ecosystem: 15% (45,000,000 $MDEX)
  • Growth: 15% (45,000,000 $MDEX)

MDEX Token Offering – Strategic Allocation

  • Start Date- October 13, 2023
  • Token Price- $0.08 per $MDEX
  • Minimum Investment- $10,000
  • Platform-  LCX token sale platform
  • Total Tokens Allocated- 30,000,000 $MDEX (10% of the total supply)
  • Supported Currencies-  BTC, ETH, USDC, EUR, LCX
  • End Date- January 24, 2024

This strategic sale of MDEX provides a unique opportunity for ecosystem partners to purchase MDEX tokens. 

The MDEX token sale is a registered and compliant token sale. The MDEX token sale is facilitated by LCX, Liechtenstein’s leading regulated crypto exchange. LCX acts as the registered token issuer, has published all necessary legal documentation according to the Liechtenstein blockchain laws and has filed a token issuance notification at the Financial Market Authority. This gives legal clarity to all participants of the inital coin offering of MDEX. 

Join the MDEX Revolution

The strategic token sale of MDEX presents a unique opportunity to become part of a groundbreaking DeFi platform that merges AI, blockchain, and the crypto community. We invite early users and supporters to be part of the MasterDEX ecosystem and join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll reshape the future of decentralized finance.

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