MDEX Token Launch and CertiK Audit: Ensuring a Secure DeFi Experience


In a significant move for the MasterDEX ecosystem, we’re thrilled to introduce the MDEX token, a critical component of our DeFi platform. Ensuring both user-friendliness and security is our top priority. To guarantee the utmost safety, we enlisted the expertise of CertiK, a reputable authority in blockchain security, to conduct a thorough examination.

MDEX Token: The Core of MasterDEX

The MDEX token functions as an essential part of the MasterDEX ecosystem, a comprehensive platform offering users a suite of DeFi tools encompassing a DEX aggregator, a portfolio dashboard, and a DEX explorer. The MasterDEX (MDEX) role is of paramount significance in ensuring the seamless operation of all these integrated features.

Token Details

Token Address: 0xf0610eb7d8EE12D59412DA32625d5e273E78FF0b

Etherscan Link –

Ticker Name: $MDEX

Decimal Count: 18

Website –

With the ticker name ‘MDEX’ and 18 decimal places, the $MDEX token promises precision and detail in every transaction.

MasterDEX Audited by Certik

Certik has audited MasterDEX (MDEX). In order to ensure the highest level of security, we sought the assistance of CertiK, a reputable authority in blockchain security, to perform a comprehensive examination. This audit ensures both the user-friendliness and security of MasterDEX (MDEX).

LCX has developed the utility token smart contract and acted as a Token Generator for MasterDEX (MDEX). CertiK, a top-rated blockchain security platform and smart contract auditing company, has audited the masterDEX smart contract for the protection of token investors. Due to the emphasis on security, transparency, and innovation within cybersecurity, LCX decided to have CertiK audit MasterDEX (MDEX).

The Trusted Technology Token Generator is one of the registered and regulated roles in accordance with the Liechtenstein Blockchain Laws – and a role that LCX is approved and registered for. The Token Generator is an important element for any compliant token sale.

CertiK Audit: Going the Extra Mile for Security

CertiK used rigorous formal verification, static analysis, and manual review to guard against some of the audit’s most frequent and critical vulnerabilities. Certik offers hacker-resistant smart contracts and blockchain audits.

MDEX token is developed by LCX. Certik performed an audit utilizing three essential analysis techniques: Dynamic, Static Analysis, and Manual Review techniques.

The smart contract was sorely tested against a variety of attack vectors, both common and uncommon. CertiK audited the codebase for compliance with current best practices and industry standards. Certik will also check to ensure the contract logic meets the specifications and intentions of the client. The audit also involves cross-referencing contract structure and implementation against similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders and a thorough manual review by industry experts.

Overall Security Score: 83.46

The “Overall Security Score” is like a report card for the token’s security. It’s a comprehensive measure that reflects how secure the MDEX token is for users. The higher the score, the safer and more reliable the token is.

Audit Sub-Scores

  • Fundamental Health: 80
  • Operational Resilience: 77.06
  • Community Trust: 91.82
  • Code Security: 87.53

AUDIT RESULTS – A total of 3 issues were identified during the auditing process, only 0 critical, 1 major, 0 medium, 0 minor, and 1 informational. All the issues have been acknowledged, and all issues have been resolved.



The launch of the MDEX token within the MasterDEX ecosystem is a significant step towards delivering a secure and reliable DeFi experience. The CertiK audit, with its impressive “Overall Security Score,” underlines our unwavering commitment to user safety and trust.

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